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Resources for Teaching Writing CD-ROM
by Lucy Calkins
and Kathy Collins

The Resources for Teaching Writing CD-ROM provides print and video resources to support your teaching over the course of the year. Homework options and Tailoring Your Teaching strategies extend each session with alternative minilessons for you and your students. The instructional charts from each session can be easily modified and included in each student's writer's notebook. Customizable letters home describe each unit of study and communicate to parents the important work students are doing. You'll find student writing samples, rubrics, checklists and other supplementary materials, organized by unit. Plus, video clips allow you to watch Lucy teach and confer with students.

Modifiable Resources for Every Unit
Select modifiable resources help you customize instruction and meet the individual needs of your students. These include:

  • Letters home
  • Class charts
  • Homework options

Supplemental Support for Every Unit
Reproducibles support each unit of study. These include:
  • Assessment Rubrics
  • Bibliography of professional and children's literature
  • Student writing samples
  • Tailoring Your Teaching (alternative minilessons)

Sample the rich array of resources from Resources for Teaching Writing CD-ROM.
These sample resources support Unit of Study 1: Launching the Writing Workshop, Session 15, "Developing the Heart of a Story".

Video Resources
The latest version of QuickTime® is required to view the following movies, click here to download a free version. Speakers are recommended.

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