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A Guide to the Writing Workshop
by Lucy Calkins

This overview guide provides the professional understandings you will need to establish and maintain a rigorous and responsive writing workshop. After chronicling the motivations and ideals that inspired this series and the guiding principles that shape a writing workshop, Lucy details the developmental stages of upper-elementary writers. Ensuing chapters describe the architecture of minilessons, conferences, and small-group strategy sessions and explain how the predictability of these frameworks fosters independence and self-direction. In addition to describing the management systems that make writing workshops possible, select chapters consider various ways to tailor instruction and address the demands of the contemporary classroom.

Table of Contents

  1. About the Series
  2. The Foundations of a Writing Workshop
  3. The Writing Process for Upper-Elementary-Grade Writers
  4. Planning a Yearlong Curriculum
  5. Provisioning a Writing Workshop
  6. Management Systems
  7. The Patterns of Minilessons
  8. The Patterns of Conferences
  9. Authoring Your Own Units of Study
  10. Supporting English Language Learners
  11. Preparing for Standardized Writing Tests
  12. Assessment

  13. Appendix:
    Frequently Asked Questions About This Series…And Some Answers

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